Thursday, April 15, 2010

NBA Playoffs

I sent out a text and offered to post an NBA playoff preview to anyone who wanted to write it. Well lo and behold, Chrissy stepped up. Here is his preview for the upcoming second season in the NBA(unedited and uninterrupted - shit I am not an editor):

#1 Cleveland vs #8 Chicago

The bulls come in playing good ball cuz they had to fight hard to even make the playoffs. i just think they wasted way too much energy doing it.
Cavs in 4

#2 Orlando vs #7 Charlotte

The bobcats were way too in consistent all year long. and no one is giving any respect to the east finals champs. watch out for orlando to make another deep run.
Magic in 5

#3 Atlanta vs #6 Milwaukee

The hawks are and up and down team and can score on anyone. they only stop themselves during crunch time if they are close and start to panic. i loved the bucks heading into the playoffs but the injury to bogut is just too much to take.
Haws in 6

#4 Boston vs # 5 Miami

Well here is a very interesting matchup. the celtics havent played a great game all year. great halfs for sure but never that complete game effort. now everyone knows the home town team is getting older. were they just giving enough effort to win games but not going all out to embarrass teams like they did two years ago during their championship run? i think so. we still have the talent to win against anybody. wade is a great player but his supporting cast is up & down. no one to really count on. so if they can control him they should be fine.
Celts in 6

#1 Lakers vs #8 Oklahoma City

You have the best team all year besides the cavs slumping into the playoffs. now for the last few weeks they were sitting alot of their guys but im not so sure kobe is ready for another long playoff battle. the thunder are a bunch of young guys who have fun and are very athletic bunch. they didnt do too well in the regular season but they are a very hot team right now lead by the nba scoring leader kevin durant. if kobe guards him will he have enough for the offensive side?
Thunder in 7

#2 Dallas vs #7 San Antonio

Every one is saying they dont want to play the spurs. they are that under the radar team that no one gives a chance to. dont get me wrong, they are always there and will be with the core of guys they got. but i think this is dirks year to make another run. he has had a full year w ason kidd and that has shown as they are more comfortable with each other out on the floor.
Mavs in 5

#3 Phoenix vs #6 Portland

How many times can you dangle a guy for trade bait before they actually trade him? the suns should look at how the sox did the same thing with manny and where that has gotten them. stuadamire is a beast. enough said. portland must be kicking themselves for taking that "cant miss center" two years, two injuries meanwhile that #2 pick just became the younger ever scoring champ. ill always give marcus camby some love though. hes played well for portland since they got him at the trade deadline. portland has too many injuries but i like them to give a fight.
Suns in 7

#4 Denver vs #5 Utah

This could be the toughest series to pick. denver was cruising to be a top 1 or 2 seed but alot of games got away and they dropped to #4. they have billups who steps up big in the playoffs. melo is a scoring machine and their supporting cast is one of the tops in the league. (shout out of dereks boy, the birdman!) utah wasnt playing that great till the 2nd half of the season. williams is one of the best pg's in the game. ak-47 is back! korver can still shoot the 3 and boozer is playing like he did back in cleveland!

This series is def going 7 and i just flipped a coin and Utah wins

If anyone has anything that they want to contribute or have posted on the blog just send me an email or a text.

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