Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 11 Darts Update

We began week 11 with 62 points. The 1st place team is running away with the division with 76 points, 2nd place is catch able with 69 points, and we were struggling to hold on to a 3rd place. Tonight we played against the 5th place team who was just 3 points behind us. Due to a slight coaching error we went to the wrong bar to start the evening. We had over 40 tunes lined up in the machine and we were all warming up on the board to get a feel of the venue and about 8:00 the mistake was realized. No harm was done as we made it to The St. Marks Post in time. All I can say is Welcome to the smokiest bar in Boston!

This was a critical match that would either put us in a position to not worry about making the playoffs, or force us to keep grinding it out for every point the rest of the way. We were really set-up for a chance to put some distance between 4th and the rest of the league, and although all of the matches were very close, we failed.

601's 0-2
Cricket's 1-2
301's 3-3
Final Score = 4-7

The end result of tonight's match is that we are now probably tied for the 4th and final spot in the play-off spot. While this might look bad, we still have 3 weeks to go and in the next few matches we are playing against a few of the the poorer teams in the league, so we should be able to make a legit charge.

I know a few people look forward to my weekly entries, so I will apologize ahead of time that I have to pass the blog torch to DW for next week's update. I will be taking a week off to spend some time in Florida with the family.

Week 12 we are playing against the team out of The Centre bar playing. Bob V. will be traveling cross country and I will be in giving all my $$ to Mickey Mouse so please come down and cheer on the boys. They'll need all the support they can get.

Only 2 quotes made the memorable list tonight and here they are:
"I own that F'n Viking" ...and by the way, yes really I do!
"That's OK, just call me Peppermint Patty" this came from the woman who just won the first competitive dart match that she has ever played.
Well Done!

I'd like to pass on a final word of advice to Derek's readers:
You may think MW might not know about too many bar tricks because he is off the sauce, but never underestimate his skills. 2 for 2 in late night BS bar tricks will win you money all day long and we didn't even move on to the pool table. As the old saying goes, "Never take a bet in a bar from someone that says "I'll bet you I can..." - Or - "Are you willing to put a few bucks on...?" Any fool knows they wouldn't make the offer unless they can pull it off!

See you in a few weeks,


man among blogs said...

great work prez you'll be missed. i question the dedication? maybe a quick write up about mickey while on vacation? COME ON!

Anonymous Dart Team Member said...

i want to know why you mention the girl winning her first competetive match but you dont mention how she beat you??