Thursday, June 12, 2008


For those of you younger than 30 years old and those that were to drunk to remember the 80’s (William Flaherty) lets talk about where the BEAT L.A. chant came from. And no it wasn’t the Detroit series which WEEI reported it was a few weeks ago. Game 7 of the 1982 Conference Finals at the Garden versus the Philadelphia 76ers. The Celtics went on to lose this game 120 – 106 and during the final moments of the game the Celtics fans started the chant of BEAT L.A. in hopes that the Lakers would be taken down in the Finals. This is one of the few classy moments in Boston sports fan history. The 76ers team led by Dr. J, Mo Cheeks, Darrel Dawkins, and the immortal Andrew Toney (aka The Boston Strangler) failed in their attempt to knock of the Lakers.

So now you know the real story behind the BEAT L.A. chant. It was meant for your friends from the City of Brotherly Love (home of ROCKY!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Phenomenal Job last night to say the least!! I guess/heard they handed out Laker Flags to everyone last night at the game.....did anyone see the flags....exactly!! NO....Have a good weekend.