Monday, January 13, 2014

Party on

As many people know 2014 has been labelled the year of hope. Here is to hoping for another Patriots Super bowl win.

This is what I learned this weekend - a quick bakers dozen:
1. Sarah really wants Jeffrey to go on another baseball trip, gonna be tough to do when you are trying to jump start a new company.
2. Dry skin is the worst.
3. Almond milk is not bad. It tastes like skim milk.
4. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Yankee re-gift party. Lots of good (an electric blanket) and bad (a bag full of creamed corn) gift, were swapped around.
5. Ronin has some sort of golf ball sized lump on his throat. So far the vet doesn't know what it is but she prescribed antibiotics in case its an infection.
6. The TMX season ending review is in and I will post that up tomorrow.
7. The WWE is launching a 24/7 wrestling channel for $9.99 a month. You get all the PPVs and classic matches. The issue is its only online.
8. Mario has found a venue for his wedding. Hope you keep next August (2015) opened.
9. In this day and age you can not be mad about any raise.
10. It takes exactly 11 minutes for Jeffrey to get a hair cut. Why he is timing the barber the world may never know.
11. Its still hard to find Miller High Life light anywhere.
12. Speaking of light beers have you  seen Miller Light has gone back to the throw back Lite cans?
13. It is girl scout cookie season. Those little ones are out shilling their cookies at Stop and Shop now.

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The guy who was almost the next Billy Rogers. said...

#8- I blocked the whole month out and i can make it. Where is it? Is that Rat bastard scab, back stabbing rooting tooting computing Neeeewwwwton going? If not I am in.