Monday, January 6, 2014

Holy BABY Jesus

60 degrees in January. Smiddy and Grillo keep on using the spray deodorant, killing the ozone with CFCs like a mother fucker.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mario found out that porn stars are people too.
2. I know that the supermarket is a zoo the day before a storm. It could be worse the says after.
3. How the fuck is the mall busier after Christmas than the days leading up to Christmas.
4. Hey Target if I am even exchanging a XL for a 2XL and they are the same price, why are you charging me $4.00? You think people are trying to get receipts for a package of white t shirts?
5. Hair in your ears is no good, shave that shit.
6. Since when did socks get so expensive?
7. I could eat meatloaf every day.
8. Dog food is expensive but when you get a free $58.00 bag you feel like you hit the lottery.
9. Who gets a dog trainer for a dog who is almost 2 years old?
10. Jeffrey loves the term HAM!
11. Rob and Jeffrey are venturing out on their own. They have given their 2 weeks and are starting their own HVAC/Sheet Metal company. It has not been confirmed that it will be called Robfreys HVAC.
12. All these college bowl games have been pretty good. Good old football.
13. Planters has a new Pistachio Lovers blend - Pistachios, Cashews and roasted Almonds. Can't really beat it. Best of all the nuts.
14. MikeyT is looking for some serious OT or a trip to scalp the Indians. Heat pumps ain't cheap kids!
15. Looking for a 10th person to join the fantasy league. Right now Jason Foley is showing some interest but the thought of coming in last and having to wear a dress is scaring him off.
16. Stephen Flaherty has a new in-ground pool going in. Must be nice living in Squantum and keeping up with Jonses.
17. Anyone have any ideas on what is a good affordable snow blower? I feel like I need one even though I dont have all that much to shovel.
18. Ke$ha is in rehab. And you are saying I don't have a chance?
19. Everyone once and a while you need a wasted Saturday of boozing.
20. Ozzie has 5 extra tickets to the Pats game this Saturday. Section 320 row 3 and $150. If you are interested let him know.

Till next week bitches...
I know some of you are waiting on a TMX season wrap up. Hope to have it by Thursday..

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