Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy MLK day

I know, I know tough loss for the Patriots. Motherfuckers are all types of upset. Can't we just focus on the positives? There is always next year? Now you can root for either Manning or Rah Rah Pete!

I was not going to write this blog today because it is literally more work today than my job but after Chrissy bitched and complained, how could I not.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Jason Foley is looking forward to baby #3, so much so that he is planning his vasectomy.
2. Martin Luther King changed his name from Michael and that has some people upset.
3. I saw the new Jack Ryan movie - it is a total reboot of the franchise but over all not bad.
4. Brian Folan HATES group texts.
5. John Brewer is living in sin with his lady and working at Stella in the South End.
6. Everyone knows I love burgers, that's my jam, apparently Park in Cambridge has the states best Patty Melt. Ill let ya know when I try it.
7. The dart team lost in the state finals, lets see how they do next year in the C division.
8. Bill Smiddy and Kelly Barker have put in applications to come back to work here.
9. I am going to Philly this weekend, Do you prefer Pats or Genos?
10. Dave and Doe didn't even appreciate their countdown to Boston counter here on the blog. Buncha ingrates.
11. People complaining about having to work on a holiday, when they are getting double time and a half, is absurd to me.
12. Finally took down my Xmas decorations this weekend.
13. If someone changes their eating habits why do other people have to shit on that change?
14. Paw Patrol is just Voltron for little kids but with dogs.
15. Kevin Barbere is back on the radio, 104.5.
16. Samsung Galaxy 5 is coming out in a few months so if you are waiting on a new phone, you will have that and the Iphone 6.
17. Has anyone else been watching True Detectives on HBO? I love Matthew McConaghy's character. I'm convinced that Woody Harrlesons character is the serial killer.
18. Chrissy is mad at his  boss. Guess he is back on the 10:00-6:30 shift.
19. If you have any HVAC needs call Rob 781-234-5120 or Jeffrey 781-223-7285. Ask em for the Drunknothings special - 10% off your first visit.
20. Mark Welch is not ignoring people he has just been run down by the flu.

That is all for this week people.
Stay safe and remember to call me if you have any squares available.

Sorry if there are any errors. I was in a rush.


You know. The guy who could of been Smiddy's boss if I did not get my legs chopped by that rat scab bastard. said...

8. Smiddy is like the new Depalo of leaving and coming back because he can not hang in a real job on the outside. Like a prisoner who was released from prison but cannot hang on the outside, so they commit another crime just to get back where they feel comfortable.

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