Monday, April 2, 2012

April Showers

Do people still pull April fools day pranks? Just curious.

The fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2012. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. How will you celebrate?
Thank you for celebrating the wonderful people in our lives affected by autism on April 2 and throughout April which is Autism Awareness Month.
Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. It seems that Style gal is not really well liked by the African American community. NOW THATS GHETTO!
2. When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies.
3. Eating a few slices of pizza all day and then boozing is a quick easy cheap way to get bombed.
4. Sunday morning is crazy at the supermarket.
5. People were generally disappointed that  they didnt win the Mega Millions.
6. Another year, another successful Wrestlemania party.
7. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift awat from each other.
8. I totoally forgot to do squares for the final four and championship game.
9. is making waves on the South Shore.
10. Usually on Sundays when I am lounging around the house, I don't wear my wedding band, well sometimes I forget to put it back on Monday mornings.
11. Hopefully the t-shirts will be in next week for the 5th Annual Mustache Pubcrawl.
12. Open bar is the best bar!
13. Smoking 1 cigarette takes 11 minutes off your life span.
14. Katie doesn't really like iced coffee but she loved herself some Funky Fanabala from Mary Lous.
15. Chrissy has lost 25-30 lbs not eating carbs for Lent.
16. Today is national peanut butter and jelly day.

It was a pretty foggy weekend with lots of beers so I am 100% sure I forgot other things I learned.

Mikey T suggested that on Fridays I post "A reason to booze section" - a list of whats going on for the weekend. So I will try that this week.  If there anything you want me to include let me know.