Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Darts Update Week #12

In Week #12 we played a very important match which may determine our playoff chances. After 11 weeks of matches we find ourselves in 4th place (top 4 teams make the playoffs) and we were playing the 5th place team who sat just 6 points behind us. The 1 thru 3 teams all have a sizable lead so it is unlikely we will catch them. Weeks 13 & 14 we will play the #2 & #3 teams in the standings so we need to step up and play well. As for the updates over the past few weeks, I was travelling for work and unable to make the games. The results this week were not good and here is a breakdown:

501: Lost 2 - Won 1
Me & P got on fast kept it close but faded in the end. L
Brighto & Jared also got on fast and kept a good lead thru most of the game. It got close in the end but the boys got it done. W

Jeb & Derek start to finish it was close but they got beat in the end. L

Cricket: Lost 2 - Won 1

SL & Jared got involved in a point fest and as always, we do not do well in those types of games. They fought hard but lost. L

Me & Brighto played great from start to finish and it was never close. W

Supa & Jeb played tough and I am guessing the other team must read the blog because they came out pointing from the word go. S&J shot well but it was another loss. L

301: Lost 4 - Won 2

P took 2 straight. In both games he got on fast and ran it down. His opponent threw great darts when he finally got on to make it close, but P wasted no time in closing it out. W
SL was way behind early but hit a 128 and got back in it for the win. In game 2 he got right on and never looked back for a solid win. W
Derek played the match of the year. He got on first in game 1 and ran it down fast. His opponent caught up but he finished strong. In game 2 he struggled to get in but came back strong and lost. In game 3 it was tight from start to finish and they both had several chances on the out. Unfortunately he lost. L

Jared lost 2 quick ones. L

I played 3 close games. Won the 1st, lost the 2nd, and the 3rd came down to the out and I could not close the deal. L

Brighty lost 2 real fast games to end the night. L

The final score was an 8-4 loss and it did not put us in good shape for the playoff run. We still have a 2 game lead over the team in 5th and we beat them on the tie breaker (head to head matches). There are only 2 more weeks, so come on down for a drink and watch the action!

‘Til next time Bitches,

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Looks like a blog from a beaten man on a beaten team. Off season workouts start up in 3 weeks.