Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2nd time

This is only the second time I have received an email for the blog. The first time it came from Doe. This time from a concerned Bruins fan:

Dear New Boston Bruins Bandwagon Fans,

First of all welcome aboard. We here in the Hub Of Hockey are NOT part of any "nation", we don't charge you to be fans or care if your hat is pink we just expect you to come aboard with some knowledge and respect for the team and the game. Bruins fans aren't like the football or baseball "nation" where we stand in your face and tell you that you don't know the sport and proclaim to have suffered for upteen years (though its been since 1972). We will and have called out wanna B's in the past but at the end of the day we want people who care about the effort being put out by the Bruins. You can question the coach, management and players as you see fit but be knowledgeable about it and using the same old "owners don't pay or care" is no longer accurate or acceptable. We all long for the Big Bad Bruins but the league has changed and if you're planning on sitting there yelling for bench clearing brawls its probably going to be a disappointment. The team, like it's fans are still blue collar so if your intent is to "be seen" at a game aka Fever Pitch type I'd recommend not taking up a seat. Being a fan of all Boston sports the passion at a hockey game and more specifically a playoff game is second to none I've left with sore hands from hi-fiving total strangers, I dare anyone to go to a game and say it wasn't electric. Those of you who left hockey "because of the lockout" or because its too soft or for whatever your reason I dare you to come back and not fall back in love especially in the Hub of Hockey. The offer to come aboard the bandwagon has been extended but don't think for one second if you act up or disrespect this special time me, Sully, Murph, Watchdog, Towelman and the rest of the residents of the bandwagon will hesitate to Pachioretty your ass! Hockey isn't back, It never left!! LETS GO BRUINS. Oh and if you get to a game and see Towelman tell him the bandwagon appreciates all he's done for us!

The Bandwagon.

If anyone wants to send me emails or texts or even telephone calls about the blog. Go for it. I will try to post any and all things.

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