Thursday, February 17, 2011

Presidents day crawl

Hello All,

    Well it has come time again for us to celebrate all our Presidents by going bar to bar and drinking heavily in South Boston on the Sunday before Presidents Day (Sunday February 20st).   This is the 6th year for the event and I thought about changing up the bars a bit, but then thought better about it.  It seems to work just fine the way it is and I am certainly a creature of habit.  So the only addition you will find is a 10th bar added to the route, I added it primarily because it is on my way home and wanted a reason to hit one more bar.   The attached map details the route, feel free to join me as I crawl at any point along the way.   There is no set schedule other than that fact I will have lunch at the starting point (Seapoint Tavern) at high noon and all are welcome.   That is really the only time that is set, other than that we will move from bar to bar whenever it feels right, and the day ends pretty much whenever you want it to end.   Please invite whoever you feel would enjoy a day of drinking and laughs at some of Southies best (and worst) watering holes.

    Again, come one come all, join anytime.   If you want to check in and find out where we maybe at any point during the day feel free to follow us on Twitter and/or foursquare (just kidding I hate that crap, who the hell wants to be tracked 24/7..?? ) Just do it like we did in the 00"s and call or text my Cellphone.... 617-470-4419

    Here is to another successful celebration of our countries fearless leaders, all I need is one person to join and the Crawl is on.!   

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