Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to the grind

I hope that everyone had a nice Presidents day weekend.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:

1. Mitchell is a great parker...she puts her car wherever she wants.
2. Home Depot is phasing out anything to do with wall paper.
3. Fire and Ice must get scared when they see Chrissy show up. the kid can chow down.
4. Mike G says Bobby Flays Bar American at Mohegan Sun is the real deal Holyfield.
5. Nothing good comes from dropping your phone in a crowded bar.
6. I am not impressed by STATS in the least bit. Seems like its the Playwrite 2.0.
7. Everyone has a comment when you are rocking a beard. Apparently I look the that Andvil guy?
8. I can't ever win anything to do with Redsox tickets through their site but I sign up to try and win Cardinals/Cubs tickets and I win that sonofabitch with no problem.
9. Dog may like gummy bears but they hate Twizzlers.
10. The veterinarian is so damn expensive.
11. Seems like a ton of people snuck onto the Bruins bandwagon this past weekend. I was too drunk to stop em!!
12. I think Chrissy's daughter, Ella, may be 1/3rd the size of my niece, Sharon. Im not saying she is small just that baby Sharon is HUGE!
13. Intervention on A&E is like an old friend you haven't seen in a while. You stumble upon them both and sit down to chat/watch and its like you never missed a beat.
14. I think the 3 point competition is better than the slam dunk competition. Even though everyone ball sucks Blake Griffin.
15. I guess you can have too much garlic...who knew?
16. You can get a pair of red jeans at Marshalls for $5.00...perfect for that Presidents day Red, White and Blue party.