Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Powerball Starts Sunday In Massachusetts

Powerball is coming to Massachusetts this weekend.

State treasurer Tim Cahill said sales will start on Sunday, January 31.

The first drawing will be on the first Wednesday. February 3.

"We're really excited. This is the first time we've been able to offer it here in Massachusetts. So now you don't have to go to Rhode Island, Connecticut or New Hampshire if you want to buy Powerball, especially of there's a big jackpot," Cahill told WBZ Radio Wednesday.

"It could bring as much as $50 million more to the state lottery," in a full year, he added.

There are also benefits to local merchants.

"If there are big jackpots, it generally brings people to the stores and they may spend not only money on other lottery products but money on other things that these small 'mom and pop' convenience stores (sell)."

Massachusetts is the last state in New England to join Powerball.

"We just didn't give up," Cahill said, noting there was a trade-off.

"We convinced the other states it was in there best interest to allow us to sell. We also will allow them to sell Mega Millions."

Call said the two games will only compete if there are two big jackpots, but they generally don't run in the same cycle.

"So if one is up, one is down and people generally buy when the jackpot is big so this means, we think, more big jackpots, which can only help the game overall."

The treasurer said lottery sales in the state are good so far.

"We're about even with last year," he said.

"I think this Powerball game will put us over last year's number at the end."

"Our goal is to bring in as much money as we can to cities and towns."

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Chrisy said...

love how they can justify more lottery's and more scratch tickets as no problem to the state but a casino would be the devil...