Monday, January 25, 2010

It feels like Spring

How the hell can it be 59 degrees in January??

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Kelly "Just the Tip" Armstrong is recently single and ready to mingle.
2. B's game Thursday, C's game Friday, B's game Saturday and then out Sunday to watch the NFL playoff games - makes my wallet puke on Monday Mornings.
3. Dorchester doorbell is no way to get picked up at midnight.
4. The stomach-butt-flu is not contagious.
5. I am contemplating switching to straight Budweiser, as my new beer of choice.
6. I have the worst phone ever. It shuts itself off for no reason and looks like this:

7. No matter how many times I drop it, kick it or turn it off and on the thing just doesn't come back until it wants to.
8. Hey Minny just remember Tails Never Fails.
9. Yes, I argued that the 10 minute conversation/argument I had about switching to Bud qualifies as an adult conversation.
10. DJ's charges a cover on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. If you are looking for young ladies, dressed to the nines, sipping on mixed drinks. Then thats the place to go.
11. Mike G thought this photo was funny enough to send around as one of his friends family reunion photos:

12. I think the 2 NFL playoff games yesterday were very exciting.
13. The Boston Bruins are in 9th place and in bigtime trouble.

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