Monday, January 11, 2010

Its Monday - I hate Mondays

Where do the weekends go? It seems like Friday was just 5 minutes ago. Oh well onto what I learned this weekend:

1. I am not a fan of people with 2 last names. Just fucking pick one and run with it.
2. No one goes to the Outback to meet up for drinks.
3. Admiral Akbar works at Peggy O'Neils.
4. I think this may be my long lost dad(Sweetest Mullet and Stache combo since the 80's):

5. Cathay Pacific is great for people watching. I mean top notch.
6. Up until losing 11-0 in shuffle board on Saturday, Mike Foley had never been shut out in his life.
7. Tell me this place don't look shady(we played darts here):

8. Everyone is bitching that the Pats lost because they didn't have Welker. Tom Brady's turnovers had nothing to do with it?
9. Three out of the Four playoff games this weekend sucked. The only good game was the Arizona-Green bay game.
10. 5 Shots in 15 minutes is never ever a good idea. EVER!
11. The Cheesecake factory is by far the best chain restaurant.
12. I am by far the worst dart player in any league. That counts for people who just signed up and have never thrown a dart.
13. Ax men rules. That dude from the swap is crazy.

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