Monday, November 9, 2009

I love me some Mondays

I may or may not of been over served yesterday. I can say that when I am home passed out by 8:30 pm then the bar tenders have more than done their job.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:

1. "Your now down with a discount" has a whole new meaning today. Since The Smidawg ask for a discount at the ABG.
2. You know that you are in Fanueil Hall as soon as you smell all that piss.
3. Mikey T is getting good at Do it yourself projects - he is becoming a Carpentplumber!
4. Staying in Friday nights because you are under the weather sucks.
5. People are talking about the MBTA job lottery.
6. Green Bay losing yesterday was brutal for people in the suicide pools.
7. Shenanigans in Southie, has really great steak tips.
8. The Purple Shamrock had a much older crowd than normal this past Saturday.
9. The band Guzzle is pretty fucking good.
10. Just turning 21 and going to your first Bruins game of the season doesn't mean you should be puking in your seats:

11. The Junction on a Sunday nights is a blast(from what I can remember).
12. Christmas candies are out already at Stop and Shop.

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