Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Short and sweet kids….don’t have that much time this week.

Probably the easiest Good of the Week we have had so far. Back to back wins….150.5 points last week and 131 points this week. In 2 short weeks the Wizards have moved from potential dress shopping to a possible finish in the money. Well done Wizards…well done! You have to give the WIZ credit…they stuck with Moss through the low points early in the year and may have made the best pick in the first round by selecting Jackson. Throw in the trade for Houshamazoo and we may be looking at a Manager of the Year Award coming the Wizards way!

Tough call this week. But I think I’m giving it to BUMS for benching Jackson and playing Driver instead. Cost you the week and grand total of $75.

Uhhhmm...heeellllooooo…Bad of the Week = Iggles…Iggles = Bad of the Week. Somebody go to Dictionary.com and look up Iggles, I’m almost positive Bad of the Week is a synonym. It’s gotta be!!! I really don’t see what the problem is? Week 8 Iggles got 102.5 points, week 9 brought another solid week with 111 points, and then this week a respectable 96.5 points. All in all that isn’t too bad except for one little thing…they were ON THE BENCH!

No text of the weekend so I’m going to take this time to talk about the Pats game…specifically the 4th and 2 call.

I really don’t have a problem with the decision to go for it. Be honest…when the Pats didn’t convert the 3rd time the first thought that went through your mind was “we gave Manning too much time”. I don’t care how good your defense is or how deep you pin the Colts…if you give Manning more than 2 minutes then you are in trouble. And even if you punted the Colts were still going to get the ball at the 35 or 40.

The next subject is all of the whining and complaining I heard today. Belichek has brought you 3 Super Bowl wins, 1 Super Bowl loss, and made the Pats the hands down Team of the Decade. The guy deserves to make a questionable decision now and then so stop the nonsense. If it makes you feel any better I live through the bad clock management, poor execution, and general dumb decisions every freaking week. So just accept it and move onto the Jets!

Alright FLABO, you got a reprieve last week but it may be time to make a switch at TE. Back to back weeks Winslow outscored Gates and he was going up against the Philly D with no linebackers and only 1 healthy DB. By taking a look at my team I’m obviously no expert but it may be time to make the switch. By saying that I’ve obviously given the kiss of death to the rest of Winslow’s season.

Beach Bums
I like your style BUMS. You’re like a Nascar driver staying out front so he can avoid all the carnage that is going on behind him. With the Peterson/Manning/Wayne combo you are virtually guaranteed winning the league this year. Of course, the way the season is shaping up the Vikings and Colts should have everything wrapped up by week 13. I can’t imagine either team would want to rest their stars…hmmmmmm!

Franklins Felons
I don’t mean to bring up a touchy subject but you have now fallen into the bottom 5 of the league along with your younger brother. But you can look on the bright side…as long as ma and DAWGS are around you don’t have to worry about how you’ll look in a dress.

OK…enough is enough. I’ve tried the Ouiji board, I’ve given the league a chance to pick the starting line-up, I’ve even let the dog make the picks. It is obvious that my team is un-coachable so the entire team will remain on the bench until kickoff time. Since they all play so well while when riding the pine maybe I can trick them.

Madd Fucking Niggerish
Absolutely incredible…I can’t believe you played Rice over Sims-Walker and it freaking paid off. If I tried to pull a stunt like that Sims-Walker would put up 40 points and Rice would’ve gotten the big goose egg. Well done sir!

Ronnie Brown…hurt. Michael Turner…hurt. Who ya gonna pick up this week DAWGS? Brown and Turner have been carrying you this year…better do your research and make some roster moves or your stay in 9th place may be short lived. I’ll trade you a slightly damaged Brian Westbrook…CALL ME!

Most Interesting Men

Street Pharmacist
Nice pick-up of Betts PHARMACIST...it still doesn’t make up for Jones being stolen from you. You should also be thanking me that my team as sinking faster than the Titanic or you could be a candidate to wear a dress next year.

Team Mung.
3rd place kid…3rd freaking place!! You have to feel good about where you are right now and yet we don’t hear a single word out of you. You’re allowed to talk some smack...it’s OK.

The Slippery Wizards
It must be pretty tough when your 3rd WR catches 2 TD’s and it’s still not good enough to crack the starting line-up. Not sure you have time to catch BUMS but you can certainly make your way up to 3rd place. If I’m your GM I think I’m looking to renegotiate my contract. The kid delivered…his services may be in high demand next year.

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