Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sons of Anarchy No More

I would just like to announce a public apology to everyone for me not keeping up on my duties of writing a review for the last few shows of Sons of Anarchy. I have been following along with the show and could catch up if need be however I just don't think that it is necesarry for me to do so being that we are going into the 7th episode and i already missed 2 reviews. If fans of the show and my reviews want me to do so however please feel free to leave your comments on here and I will decide later on today.



Iggles said...

no sons of anarchy review and no 90210 review. What is this blog coming too.

Anonymous said...

need to spice this blog up!!

Anonymous said...

Iggles...90210 wasn't on last night...there will be an update next week