Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ADSL Season 3 - Fantasy Football Update:

Finally a tight week that came down to the final game of the week.  Going into the Monday night game 4 teams had a legitimate shot to win the week and 2 had an outside shot.  Nacho Papa was in the lead with 107 points with no active players.  J.S.L. Enterprises had a talented Vikings defense playing and trailed by only 2.5 points.  The Slippery Wizards needed a good night by Ryan Longwell since they only need 4 points to over take Nacho Papa.  Smidawgs was looking for a TD, 6 receptions and maybe 90 yards to have a shot at making up 11 points to catch Nacho Papa and beat out the Wizards and JSL.  D ST DIRTBALLS is looking for a career night from Robert Meacham, while SFLABO needs more than 60 points from the duo of Brees and Peterson.  JSL wound up pulling out the win with a monster week from the Vikings defense.  The Wizards also had a huge night from Longwell but in the end it wasn’t enough and came up 6 points short.  The Wizards must be kicking themselves over benching Andre Johnson, more on that in the Costanza Award.  Scoring has settled down some since the bye weeks have started but it still looks like a race for 2nd and 3rd place. 

Things I’m Thinking…..

1.  Is LT done?

2.  Is LJ still the steal of the draft after his 7 carry 2 yard performance Sunday?

3.  Has anyone heard from Defending Champ?

4.  Can Westbrook ever stay healthy?

5.  Congratulations to the league.  It’s the first week we haven’t set a new high or low week. 

The Costanza Award:  Tough to single out an individual winner this week so lets take a look at the contenders.  The Slippery Wizards put Andre Johnson (28.5 points) on the bench in place of Dwayne Bowe (7.5 points) for a net loss of 21 points.  Madd Fucking Niggerish made two judgment errors in week 5.  Philip Rivers (12 points) in place of Aaron Rodgers (33 points) and benching Brandon Jacobs (30.5 points) in favor of Marshawn Lynch (7.5 points).  These decisions cost MFN a whopping 44 points.  Street Pharmacist is a true believer in Santana Moss (0 points) which is why he lost 28 points by keeping Roddy White on the bench.  Even though this was statistically the worst move of the week it didn’t cost Street Pharmacist a win this week.  Both the Wizards and MFN made decisions that cost themselves a win in week 5.  So who gets the award?  Wizards or MFN?   MFN or Wizards?  This weeks award will go to Madd Fucking Niggerish.  The Wizards decision to sit Johnson in place of Bowe was a logical decision since Bowe has been putting up a consistant 11 or 12 points per week.  Sorry MFN, we can't over look the fact you had lost a total of 44 points this week.  You are the Week 5 Costanza Award winner.  Congratulations and we hope you feel better.

Better luck next week kids

Crystal Hollobaugh
Tampa Bay Bucs


Anonymous said...

63 POINTS ON THE BENCH!! Why was there a debate who would win!!

d said...

I dont normally like Blondes But WOWIE