Tuesday, June 25, 2024


 Totally escaped me yesterday to post. Sorry Sean!

This is what I learned this weekend(plus) -

1. Congrats to Chris Leaden on finally pulling the trigger on a new car - Nissan for life with that cat.

2. Apparently, I think the Weekend and Harry Styles sings the same songs.

3. I still cannot believe the Red Sox are currently in the playoffs if the season ended today.

4. Congrats to the Cs on Banner 18! The rest of the country hate us huh?

5. Back to the Sox they are currently 15-5-1 in overs this month. They finally arrived.

6. Just a quick heads up - no blog the next 2 weeks as I will be down the Cape.

7. Chewy, I appreciate your website and all but NO I DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD YOUR AP. I wont all of a sudden need a dog toy.

8. Julian's, bound for Williamsport team, is currently 2-0. Lets get it BOYS!

9. Boozy iced coffee are my newest favorite jam.

10. Bruins trading Ulmark to get back their 1st round, 25th overall pick, seems on brand for them.

11. If you don't each chips with a sandwich/sub then you are a sociopath.

12. Put it in your calendars - July 3rd - Beverly Hills cop 4 drops! Lets fucking go!

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The guy who Newton stabbed in the back. said...

I figured you were on vacation drinking so I let this time slide