Monday, June 10, 2024

Hot hot hot

I know they say the older you get the faster the years go by but fuck man this years flying. We are burning through June.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Some people are just angry for no reason.

2. Sam Lagrassa's is the bomb.

3. I don't think the Oilers have the grit to win this series but I still threw $100 on them.

4. Anyone see Bad Boys 4? You know Mike Lowry is my dude!

5. Mikey T is a modern day Dr Doolitle - ducks, geese, deer, bunnies, and snakes.

6. Guess Leaden is not getting a Prius only VW for the German.

7. Chrissy did not like the Cheez it crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell. I told him to let me know when the Doritos crunch wrap comes out.

8. Books on tape? How do we feel about them? Seems like cheating to me.

9. Congrats to Julian on winning the ship...

10. Good season Gabe, good luck at Saint Anselms.

11. Chrissy is having a coming to Jesus moment with his life and his mortality,

12. The Acolyte is so far so good.

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