Monday, June 3, 2024


 Chrissy thinks I should just let it go just let it go when it comes to the blog. What do you guys think?

This is what I learned:

1. Jeffrey out here living that single dad life for the past 4 days.

2. If you happen to see a bike on 93 North it may or may not have fallen off the back of the MacPhails car when someone other than Chrissy was driving.

3. Heard Smiddy may put in for mayor of Dorchester next year to headline the parade.

4. Chris Leaden may be on the lookout for a new whip. Send him along any good deals you may see.

5. Bike week starts up at Laconia on Friday. Can anyone pick me up?

6. I attempted to watch Tires  twice and I cannot get into it.

7. Why do I still see people driving alone in cars wearing masks? Is this their new normal?

8. Martell hates chain restaurants so any chance I get to take him to one...I DO!

9. Do you have to have just worn a Red Sox uniform to get into their team Hall of Fame?

10. Prayers up for Chrissy dog, Rudy, who got bit by a tick and is all messed up.

11. Support the Jimmy Fund:

12. How we feeling about Eminems new album Houdini? 

13. Heard mullets are making a come back this summer, they aren't just for rednecks anymore.

14. Team overs check - the Red sox were 12-16 this month in OVERS! 

15. Always a great time to see Paddy on the news(Super CalMAN):

16. Glad to see we just skipped over Spring again this year.

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