Monday, March 25, 2024

What the hell

 Figured Id throw a little blog together before I hit up some vacation.

This is what I learned the past 2 weeks:

1. The Scituate St Pattys day parade is always a blast.

2. You know that Tourney time is my jam. All these betting Aps are making it even better.

3. There any strip clubs in Tampa area?

4. Egg salad is underrated.

5. I thought we were getting rid of daylight savings?

6. What is going on with Thomas English Muffins - buy 1 get 2 free?

7. Ladder challenge has not been a success.

8. I am so over iced green tea.

9. I didnt hate the Roadhouse remake. It was ok but not nearly as good as the original.

10. Why are there so few Brunch spots?

11. Side salads are superior to french fries. I meant it!

12. I officially have switched from Stop and Shop to Star Market. Taking a little getting used too but here we are. 

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