Monday, March 4, 2024


 Its like look you blinked and it is now March.

This is what I have learned this weekend:

1. People seem to be getting very upset with all this money going to illegals in this country.

2. Bob Ryan frequents the Fowler house for Celtics games.

3. Chrissy bailed on the BU hockey game for Saturday. So now I have 4 extras.

4. Cancelling a Bark Box subscription is like getting out of a cult.

5. You ever feel like you have tons to do and no time to do it? 

6. The Redsox selling 25 oz beers and bringing back Heinz ketchup is more of a story than the actual product they are putting on the field.

7.  Its funny now you don't have to quarantine for 5 days any more for Covid. Like all of a sudden it is the flu...hmmm.

8. When did Taco Bell get so damn expensive?

9. Popcorn is under rated as a snack.

10. Guess Joe has been sick for over a week now and he still hasn't gone to a doctor.

11. Green iced tea is trash without a lemon.

12. How can the Bruins suck this bad?

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