Monday, October 23, 2023


 It seems a bit weird that people are not into Halloween that much this year.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Ladies college volleyball is next level for legs and ass(if you are into boobs that not the place for you).

2. Bistro 781 in Waltham is pretty fire. Steak and cheese spring roll are delicious! Let me know when you wanna go and get some dranks.

3. Happy 12th birthday to Julian.

4. Nothing makes you feel old like someone asking if you are Caroline dads. Especially when you have zero children.

5. Chrissy is ready to hang up his fantasy football team for the season...bro it is only week 7!

6. Have you watched the Winter King?

7. Dominos still slaps! You can't beat a medium 2 topping for $6.99.

8. The Hoffy on a Friday night is crazy - The Olds on 1 side and all 21year olds on the other.

9. Chrissy said that Barretts haunted mansion still brings it.

10. Who is into these MLB baseball playoffs? Like anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

11. Chris Leaden is a tough fantasy football negotiator.

12. Why do snap backs say one size fits all but in actuality they are all different fits?

13. Warm beers are the work of the devil.

14. But warm chocolate chip cookies are the work of angels!

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