Monday, October 16, 2023

Spooky season

 Lets get right to it.

This is what I learned since last time I posted:

1. Getting sick sucks (and why is it instantly Covid, can't people get a cold).

2. Joe does not like to have to sing for his beers.

3. The Bruins are back and younger than ever. Now we wait on Celtics.

4. I love the 19th Hole but I cannot be spending 3 straight nights there.

5. Jeffrey beat me and Layden in Golden Tee, so he retired.

6. Fuck apple picking.

7. Holla atcha boy.

8. Does anyone really give a shit about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift?

9. What day do you turn the heat on?

10. Is beer better in a draft, can or bottle?

11. If we are not going to get term limits then we should at least be able to ban together and vote these career politicians out.

12. R.I.P Suzanne Somers...everyones childhood crush.

13. What is your favorite go to comfort meal? Chili? Beef stew? Meatloaf?

14. Disney + is going up, Netflix is up? I mean for what? There hasn't been many good or new series to come out in a while.

15. Nothing worse than forgetting to do your Wordle.

16. AI is the future? At least thats what I am being told.

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