Monday, May 2, 2022


 It may flower time bitches.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Chrissy is not a nimble person. Who falls down and twists an ankle hitting a wiffle ball?

2. No one loves the 19th Hole as much as Joe Martell.

3. Thursday, is my second favorite drinking day of the year...Cinco DeMayo!

4. Star Wars day is Wednesday.

5. I guess Maura Healy is not going om pursue the cashless Fenway Park.

6. Congrats to Mario doing all the steps in full gear this weekend.

7. Man I see so many new faces sitting on this Celtics bandwagon. One dude asked me why I don't spell my name like Derrick White.

8. Between Wordle, Quordle and Hurdle every day my brain is fighting for 5 letter words.

9. Cronin Public house on a Thursday night is lit. Fucking DJ, $1 hot dogs and $5 pizzas...freaks come out at night.

10. If you got a big yard you need to invest in a leaf vac.

11.  Who is on for a New England Free Jacks game on May 13th? Just trying to figure out a beer situation.

12. Have you ever heard your friend get mouthy and ask whoever he's mouthy too "if they want a fresh one".

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Could have been retiring from BUMC if not for Newton. said...

#12 I have had that said to me. Classic line.