Monday, April 25, 2022

oh man oh man

 Next week is the best Meme day of the year. Its Gonna be MAY!

This is what I learned this past 2 weeks:

1. Are we past covid yet or what?

2. The world is healing and people are coming back out in bunches.

3. Everyone is all of a sudden a Celtics expert.

4. Are seltzers still a thing?

5. Elbow tattoos hurt.

6. Kids are so innocent and inherently nice.

7. Anyone hear from Martell lately? Kid seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

8. Bill Burr at Fenway, who is going?

9. Can someone please let mother nature now is the time we should start heating up the world?

10. The Cypress Hill Insane in the Brain documentary is straight fire. 

11. Chrissy and his wife have a camp ground and now a new(to them) camper. Let the summer of MacPhail begin.

12. I heard Alba roof deck is open.

13. TK is going to Alumni Wednesday night if anyone's around.

14. Bruins are in the playoffs. Celtics are in the playoffs. Red Sox look like trash.

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