Monday, November 15, 2021

It is go time

 This months half over. Pretty soon it will be 2022. It can only go up, like the gas prices.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. TK hates concerts. He can't wrap his head around why you would pay to watch someone play music. Has no problem watching a sporting event though.

2. Joe Martell had never heard of Yodels. Like what kind of world did you grow up in? Probably more of a little Debbie guy.

3. My underground weather guy told me La Nina is pushing her way through and it should be a mild winter. Not so much for the Pacific North West.

4. Congrats to coach Jeffrey on a huge win, thanks in part to Julian's 3 TDs and 2 2point conversions. Moving onto the Super bowl next week in West Bridgewater.

5. I went and saw Eternals, I thought it was pretty good. In no way is it the worst Marvel movie. That distinction still belongs to Thor 2.

6. Is there anything worse than that damn Island boy clip? Like how does that become famous.

7. Wait, the Patriots play the Falcons in ATL on Thursday and I am flying in on Friday? What is wrong with me?

8. In the past I have not really been a fan of the food at Buffalo Wild Wings but I will say they have really stepped it up since being bought out by Arby's.

9. I am more than happy to get a salad from time to time but it does not need to be swimming in dressing.

10. So winters fast approaching and they are saying Covid is going to get worse? HUH? People stay in most of the cold season, alone and miserable watching anything and everything on Netflix.

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