Monday, November 29, 2021

Get your Xmas shopping in early

Including today there are only 26 shopping days until Christmas.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Chrissy and his wife are all in on Plunkett again - Dedham or the Cape doesn't matter.

2. Not Your Average Joes has gone down hill real quick.

3. Chris Leaden's hatred of cranberries runs deep.

4. Anyone else have a friend who makes everything about them?

5. When do Sox Pax go on sale? Anyone know?

6. Hope TK had fun at the Pats game yesterday.

7. I mean at this rate there will be a new variant every month or so. When do we go back to living our normal life?

8. It appears that I cannot get a new Bronco for 2 years. TWO FUCKING YEARS!

9. I am not really digging the NHL on ESPN +. I should be able to watch a fucking hockey game at a bar.

10. Turkey dinner, turkey sammiches, turkey soup, turkey pot pie, when do the left overs end?

11. Found out LetterKenny has a spin off in the works about Shoresy and this makes my day.

12. When does your christmas tree go up? 

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