Monday, April 5, 2021


 April Showers bring May flowers and we all know what Mayflowers bring...Pilgrims.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Who the fuck doesn't like mustard? That's just crazy to me. Yeah Joe Martell is on this list.

2. Are we not going to talk about DMX?

3. Some scientist believe we will be at herd immunity by Memorial day.

4. Watched Godzilla vs Kong, it is ok.

5. Vaccine passports, how do we feel about them?

6. Man Easter being a mini Christmas is crazy to me.

7. Friday nights you can catch Leaden moonlighting at the Charlie Horse on Friday nights.

8. Its crazy to me that commercials have to have disclaimers that things were either shot pre-covid or all necessary precautions were taken.

9. Glad to see Facebooks was hacked and a half a bill\ion users phone numbers and addresses were released to the public.

10. I watched more Redsox games this season than all of last season.

11. Do you think the world would have ended up here eventually with the zoom meetings and virtual this and that but it was just accelerated because of Covid?

12. If you had to pick, where would you live? North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Florida?

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