Monday, May 11, 2020


Are we ever going to go back to anything resembling a normal life?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. It felt great to be able to watch UFC live and be like a regular Saturday night.
2. Yo, sauage pepper and onion pizza from Rags is fire.
3. So basically this is Covid 19 season? Winter, spring, summer, fall and covid 19 shut down the economy season.
4. I dont think Kung Fu Dave is handling isolation well. He is down some conspiracy rabbit holes.
5. If you are looking for your Michael Jordan rookie card fix look .
6. I am really sick of these zoom meetings and seeing people sitting at home like donkeys and I am at work like an asshole.
7. Grub hub, Uber eats and all these delivery services seem to be killing it and gouging people. They charged $12.59 in fees and a fucking 25% tip on an $88.88 pizza order. Are we keeping small businesses afloat or lining these companies pockets?
8. Support your local breweries during this time. If they can't open their tap rooms, and bars aren't open to pour their kegs that is 2/3rds of their business. Buy some swag, get a 4 pack and do your part to help out.
9. When the $600 bonus runs out for unemployment and people passed on jobs while the country was reopening. It's gonna be like real life musical chairs.
10. Fucking fences are expensive as fuck.
11. One week until baby Long is exciting.
12. People setting up secret haircuts from their barbers and hairstylest is where we are at now?!
13. My favorite part of covid 19 season is all the people snitching on other people. This person is not wearing a mask, these people are not social distancing, and (my favorite) people are visiting my neighbor.
14. The second favorite thing about covid 19 season - all the other genders out there are not being effected by death. It is just the females and males in the world.
15. One thing that's never going to happen again is blowing out of birthday cake candles, right? No more little kids spitting all over the cake?
16. How does Joe Martell not know who Len Bias was? Or that Ace of Cakes made Dave's wedding cake?

Stay safe out there guys and gals. If you aren't one of them you should be good.

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