Friday, December 29, 2017

Out with a bang

Big shout out to  Sean “Supah P” and Nicole Meehan on their upcoming baby, due in July. Congrats to Chelsea and Colin on their twins coming into the world on my birthday.

Well let’s see, I wasn’t going to do another blog this year but everyone is bitching and complaining.
So I went through each weeks post and took one thing from each list (Kind of like a year in review).

This is things I learned THIS YEAR:

1. I am not really sure where the Chinese food on Xmas Eve and NYE tradition comes from but it works.
2. The supermarket before a storm is basically the Thunderdome, anything goes.
3. Chris Leaden is working on coming to the world's largest outdoor cocktail party.
4.Being an adult means you can have nachos for dinner if you like.
5. If TK was to be on the rebound do any of you have any single aunt's or older sisters? Hell he's probably not too picky, a grandma will do.
6. Day drinking is my jam and even better with friends.
7. Ever just feel like you need a vacation?
8. Naps are under rated.
9. Thought we had a fish on the hook for Chrissys pegging but alas it was not meant to be, this time.
10. Where do you fall on the cuddle scale?
        A. I fucking love it - big spoon, little spoon.
        B. Let me pass out and then you can climb all over me like a spider monkey.
        C. Get your hot sweaty ass away from me.
11. If you get a chance head down to Twin Rivers on a Sunday morning. All the degenerate gamblers will make you feel better about your life.
12. It is good to know that I can still get after it on a Wednesday night and make it to work the next day.
13. People think most people from Boston are rude.
14.  I'm impressed with Chrissy and Leaden drinking beers out of a stein(3 beer stein) like that's an everyday thing?
15. No matter how nice something is, we all have that one friend who is a Debbie Downer and shits on everything.
16. Toucher and Rich said it best - Marathon Monday is so insane because people have been cooped up in their houses all winter long and they finally get a day to just let it all wash away.
17. Has anyone crashed the Chrissy/Chris standing Sunday date at BWW?
18. Cinco de Mayo is Friday. The start of tank tops, jean skirt and pig tail/braid season.
19.  I am not against going out to lunch solo.
20. You do not know panic until you have a tick crawling on your skin.
21. Getting shut off at a bar isn't a bad thing. Just means you did work.
22. Man buns are still a thing.
23. Wait people creep on Snapchat? They screen shot things and send them to other people to try to get them in trouble? Grillo.
24. People don't use the word weasel enough. That guy is such a fucking weasel!
25. I do not get this whole tall ships thing. Like what's the deal?
26. Those road side carnivals make 125k in 5 days just on ticket sales.
27.  Nothing quite like being at a bar and a guy says "hope he hasn't left yet. I don't want to chase him, he has the coke". Don't think he meant coca cola.
28. Have you been to the Range in Hingham yet? Good vibe, nice out door bar and a driving range.
29. Miller High Life, High life lite and MGD are all under rated.
30. Mikey T only drinks 16oz cans now
31. Uber is great and all but sometimes you get a real dick driver.
32. Thank God we have Calnan out there cracking down on Uber drivers cheating the system by renting rides.
33. Jeffrey lost his denture - single tooth.
34. How long does it take to get a package from China? I ordered a new phone battery in July.
35. Rumor has it there is a Popeyes coming to Quincy.
36. Anyone up for Point Sebago next year? Trying to get a good crew together.
37. Survivor flip cup is beyond ghetto. What's the purpose of playing a drinking game when you get kicked off a team? Attention span zero.
38. Never forget - tell a friend, telephone and tell TK are the 3 major ways to get all your business out there.
39. I heard a rumor that Coach K is rocking like 4 time shares in and around Disney. May be time to just invest in a condo bro.
40. Dunkin donuts tried to kill me this weekend, my iced coffee was pumpkin spice.
41. Credit card roulette is no joke, $250 later.
42. Still working on going to the Wickendon pub to finish my card. Hopefully before I turn 40. Who is in?
43. Getting good news on  Monday, unheard of.
44. Chrissy told me he is wearing jorts for 5 straight days in Florida. Straight fire!
45.  Irish breakfast shots are where it is at.
46. If you don't like bacon then we most likely can't be friends.
47.  I heard from Kung Fu Dave about his house warming party/night out in Lowell. I guess he is waiting for Chrissy to get a weekend on lock.
48. Guess who bought 6 tickets to the Kentucky Derby? Section 226?
49.  We all have family members that when they speak they make you cringe with things that come out of their mouth.
50. People are still getting iced?
51. My brother Ryan's answer for most things is "I'll stab him".
52. Rumor has it Chrissy is either going to start a 5K for charity or a pub crawl.

Here is to putting 2017 in the rear view mirror and onto 2018.  Lets go past the pinnacle this year ya’ll. New adventures and new outlooks.

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