Monday, December 11, 2017

2 weeks

Christmas is 2 weeks away, is everyone ready?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. A little snow blows people's minds.
2. My brother Ryan's answer for most things is "I'll stab him".
3. I can never get beef stew to be thick enough.
4. Who else is pumped for Star Wars this weekend?
5. The podcast didn't get off the ground this past weekend because someone, ahem Kung Fu Dave, was afraid of some snow.
6. Eating ass was all the rage in 2017, what will 2018 bring?
7. Fuck you Draft Kings.
8. Anyone heard from Jason Foley? Kids been MIA for a month now. Think he's on the run from a bookie?
9. The Yellow Door Taqueria is where it is at.
10. How does anyone shop at a store in this day and age?
11. Are you the type of person who erases your texts or do you just have a million of them on your phone?
12. Sox Pax go on sale Saturday.

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