Monday, October 9, 2017

Well well well

I have said it before and I'll say it again, this year's fucking flying by.  Happy Columbus day.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Burrata people, I finally get it now. That shit is delicious.
2. The Bruins only taking debit/credit and no cash is absurd to me. Cash is King.
3. How long does a fall cold last damn it.
4. If you haven't seen the Miami Dolphins coach doing lines of cocaine then your Monday hasn't been made yet.
5. Bar hopping towards your house is a novel idea.
6. God damn right eye won't stop twitching. What in the actual fuck?
7. Pies, cupcakes and cookies are the way to make friends.
8. At what age do you stop getting birthday presents?
9. Only 11 more Monday's till Christmas.
10. I saw a bunch of people moping off the Redsox band wagon on Saturday.
11. All I can say is live your best life. If it makes you it.
12. If you don't like day drinking then we probably can't be friends.
13. Tom Kelly likes Uber so much he's thinking about doing it on his off days (I think it's just so he can have some pocket change).
14. Have they instituted the rule that if you are vaping anyone can just walk up and punch you in the face? Not yet? Hopefully soon.
15. Fuck fantasy football.
16. Is it ok to answer question of people who are talking to themselves?
17. Still working on going to the Wickendon pub to finish my card. Hopefully before I turn 40. Who is in?
18. Got a lot of flack for last weeks black coffee comment. I double down on it, the people who bitched about it are as closed to lacking empathy as Jeffrey Dahmer.
19. I know we are in hurricane season but fucking enough.
20. Big up to the crowd at the Florida Gators game for singing Tom Petty in unison on Saturday.

Gonna go work hard for this double time and a half today!


the guy who could have been lead groomer for Bill Milleau's must if he was not undercut by Rat Boy Newton said...

17. Call me because i need to finish my Wick Card too. I only have 12 beers left.

Anonymous said...

mustache not must

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