Monday, October 23, 2017

Get on it

The count down to Florida is on.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. South side tavern brunch is where it's at.
2. Unplanned lunch meet ups are the best.
3. Mr 9:05 is alive and well.
4. How come no one is having a Halloween party.
5. Fucking Bobbo telling me I want to be Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. That cut deep.
6. A woman chastised me for being 40 and not having children.
7. Jeffrey thinks he is an underwear model.
8. Nothing worse than being sick on a Monday and your days ruined.
9. Every time I eat at Coops I get sick.
10. Amazon is the best. Can't wait till they are in Boston so things come in like 5 minutes.
11. The spicy nuggets from BK are legit as fuck.
12. It's always a good post season when the Yankees lose.
13. Chrissy told me he is wearing jorts for 5 straight days in Florida. Straight fire!
14. Man, hockey parent life is crazy.

No blog next week as I'll be hungover in Florida.

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