Monday, September 15, 2014

The bet

Soooooo Calnan has challenged me/bet me to see who can lose the most weight in a month. So we start tomorrow and go till October 17th. Total weight loss by percentage. The loser has to pose in a Halloween costume the winner picks out, The pictures will be posted on this blog for 6 months every week.

This is what i learned this week:
1. Chrissy is down to 240 from 248.8 in his biggest loser challenge at Coke.
2. Jeffrey has only been to the Cheesecake factory 3 times.
3. Are they terrible twos or terrors at three because my nephew is a menace.
4. There has been a Lauren Brady sighting, well on Instagram but still a sighting.
5. Rob hates #SelfieSundays.
6. The Ozone is just waiting on his cable and he will officially be a resident of Saugus.
7. Everyone has their own problems, remember that. You may not see them but believe me not everything is the fucking Cosby show.
8. Fantasy football is almost a 24/7 job now a days. I think next year I get in 1 league and thats all.
9. Speaking of fantasy - Pimpin aint Parise is back up and running. After a 2nd and 3rd place finish the last 2 years Ozone and I are taking our hockey talents to ESPN fantasy hockey.
10. Kristins cafe in Braintree is the shit. Best breakfast I have had in some time. It has like 40 different pancakes.
11. Sometimes when my mind wanders it goes all over the map.
12. I have no idea how people deal with having like 5 dogs. I can barely deal with 2.
13. Who the fuck eats orange marmalade?
14. Thanks Stop and Shop for a $32.24 full tank of gas.
15. Does anyone have any suggestions on stretching out your hips?
16. Never ever get unsalted pretzels. Thats just the devil's snack.
17. When are we planning on going to visit Mike Foley in North Carolina?
18. Has anyone seen Bill Smiddy? I asked him to hang out this past week and he no call no showed me.

Thats all I got for now.

Hope you all have a nice week.

I will see most if not all of you at The Kubie crawl this Saturday. Show up in Southie for a good cause.


Nicole said...

Supah's girl here - on #15 I know a ton because I had to do physical therapy on my hip last year but I'd have to see you to show you.

Anonymous said...

sounds like sexy time