Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines day is coming

I hope you guys have stacked up on Russell Stover chocolates and red roses. I know I am looking forward to Presidents days. Lots and lots of car sales. Giddyup!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Alma Nove is pretty good.
2. Chrissy hates Paul Wahlberg as much if not more than Roger Goodell.
3. Does anyone really care about an openly gay football player?
4. Sometimes you just need a wasted weekend.
5. If you see Jason "Big Show" Foley today wish him a happy Birthday.
6. I couldn't imagine making $200,000 and being broke.
7. Man 2 year olds ask a lot of questions and are really really bratty.
8. Has anyone else ever used a gentle leader for their dog?
9. I guess Chrissy and Chris Leaden are going to a welcome to Massachusetts Yuengling party. Put the women and children to bed.
10. Its never good news to hear of one of your uncles passing away.
11. If you have or have ever wanted to play in the Whitley Classic:

12. Almond butter is not nearly as good as peanut butter.
13. After a while everything multigrain tastes the same.
14. Bed Bath and Beyond is kind of a ghetto store.
15. Only morons would cheer for a truck being loaded with baseball supplies.
16. Smiddy is attempting the wing challenge at DJs in Hayannis on February 22nd.

That is all for now. D

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