Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring in coming

After this great weather that we had this weekend. I can not wait for Spring to get here, you guys know I love the out door day drinking.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Met burger bar is the shit!
2. The WWE network kicks off today. Who is signed up already?
3. Helping hang tons of sheet rock is always fun and a greta work out.
4. According to the BMI chart I am obese. I mean I know I am fat but obese?
5. Was ESPN being serious on with the special on "The N Word"?
6. Has anyone heard from Jackie Moon? Red Sox season is approaching and like a bear waking up from hibernation, Jackie Moon shows his ugly mug.
7. March Madness pool? $500? Why not.
8. Olympic fever sweeps Mass:

9. The US hockey team is going to have to make changes if it wants a gold anytime soon.
10. Margaritas is always changing their damn menu. They added all you can eat tacos on Monday and Tuesday though. Right up Chrissy's alley.
11. What, you expected to have a clip or picture of Smiddy trying the wing challenge at DJ's? He bailed.
12. Look Jason Collins is the 1st openly gay guy to play in a major sport and most people don't give a fuck either way.
13. I love me some beef brisket.
14. Don't forget to hit Smiddy up on twitter - @thesmiddawg
15. Bananas don't have a bad flavor but their texture is nasty!
16. Man True Detectives is by far my favorite tv show.

I don't know if any of you crazy fucks are interested but the last 3 years, the fam and I have been going to the Scituate St Pattys Day parade. It is geared towards the kids. Rumor has it Jeffrey is making corned beef and boiled dinner for all who show.


chrisy said...

10) im in for this all you can eat taco night! Im on vacation the 1st two weeks in march. Pick a day

Prez. said...

#8 is Awesome!
#10 count me in. This could replace the fictitious Taco Bell Challenge.

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