Monday, February 17, 2014

Come on

The snow isn't really bothering me as much as all the bullshit that is now associated with snow is. I mean they cancel school now with the threat of 3 inches of snow. They say 14-18 inches we get 6. They say 3-6 inches we get 20!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. More breakfast places should deliver.
2. Bars just straight cancel birthday parties due to 3 inches of snow on the ground, Sorry Johnny B.
3. Calnan is really getting sick of all the cat photos on his Facebook page.
4. Anyone else wake up on Sunday mornings, do your errands and get shit done and then take a 2  hour nap before 2pm? Yeah, me neither.
5. Jeffrey only buys bacon when its on sale, he also is barbaric and likes his bacon chewy.
6. Jagermeister was originally made to be a cough medicine. I can see that.
7. Do we really need all these tattoo shows? Top Ink, Tattoo Master, Bad Ink, Tattoo Nightmares, Americas Worst Tattoo, and who could foget Black Ink Crew?
8. Is anyone really watching the NBA weekend All star festivities? I mean its like you crashed a bad hip hop show.
9. What do you do with left over taco stuff? Well make some taco omelets of course!!
10. Be careful out there Ninjas are everywhere.
11. Apparently these Olympic hockey games are the best hockey that Mitchell has ever seen.
12.  Honestly, can you go to BJ's without $250??

Just a quick 12 pack today. It is Presidents day after all, get off your asses and do something!


The guy who does not even get an honorable mention but that scab rooting tooting does on the Whitley Classic shitty hockey video said...

11. She must be loving all the juices trapped in the women's jockstraps/cunt cups after a sweaty hockey game

Julz said...

^^gross. Don't forget Tattoo Titans with Ami James....I went out Saturday night in Manhattan Beach around 8:30pm & saw guys that started drinking at 4:30am to watch the USA hockey team. They were disgusting/belligerent.