Tuesday, November 12, 2013

8 weeks

Can you believe there is only 8 weeks left in the year?
I hope to god you all have started your Christmas shopping.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Lauren Brady is partying like a rock star in Seattle.
2. I hate how the winter brings such dry skin.
3. Jeffrey is fighting with his bank to get his money for his house remodel.
4. The salted caramel hot chocolate from Dunks is legit.
5. Fantasy football is insane to me these days.
6. I could probably eat beef stew every day.
7. I really hate painting even more so than I thought.
8. People are talking about this Celtics team and comparing them to this years Red Sox team. RELAX PEOPLE its been 8 games.
9. Why do people feel the need to be rude because they are in a bad mood?
10. The wagon lasted 4 days.
11. I love Thanksgiving; can not wait for turkey.
12. Congrats on Rob and his wife running a half marathon.
13.  Jeffrey is growing his stache for Movember.

14. How come no one ever wants to go out and grab drinks at Buffalo Wild wings?
15. Either you are part of it or you are not:

16. Who gets a bill on Wednesday and then one on Friday saying they will send you to a collection agency? I mean I just got the bill 2 days ago.
17. Not really looking forward to having to change my retirement accounts at work.
18. My wife is the weakest person in America(physically), I don't think she can lift a bag of dog food.
19. Is it wrong to put sweaters on your dogs when you walk them?
20. Make sure your children nap. No one wants to deal with a brat.

Till next week.

1 comment:

The guy from RI who hates Rat bastards!!! said...

#14 Because it is way too expensive for shitty service and the wings blow.