Monday, May 20, 2013


I would like to thank everyone who came out for the 6th Annual Mustache Pub Crawl. We raised $1905 for the One Fund Boston.

Next year we have changed the pub crawl to fathers day weekend. The 7th Annual Mustache pub crawl will be Saturday, June 14th, 2014. See ya there!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Good to see Travis rocking the bag pipes still.
2. Chrissy got mauled by a bear, or fell down some escalator stairs:

3. Lots of no shows from people who normally make it to the crawl.
4. She complains every year about the crawl but always seems to get into the spirit, day of:

5. Coogans never ceases to amaze me with their hatred of pub crawls.
6. Towelman back up to his old tricks:

7. Towelman trumps mullet trumps lines on the sides of the head trumps a mustache.
8. The food at Blackstone went down real bad and real fast.
9. Who would anyone put mozzarella cheese on a steak and cheese?
10. I guess if Danny McBride needs a stunt double I am in! La Flama Blanca.

11. Anyone interested in tickets to the Sox Game June 18th? I have a pair and Mikeyt has a pair.
12. New Orleans is changing their names to Pelicans and now Charlotte wants to be the Hornets again? What the fuck.
13. Rumors are rampant that Welchie is looking to make a move to Milton.
14. DMX is not a good karaoke song.
15. If anyone wants any koozies I have 44 left.
16. Always makes me smile when people come from out of town to join up on the Mustache pub crawl.
17. Another year another shit show after Clarkes. The new Stadium aint too bad.
18. If anyone is around the Pembroke area please check up on Super P. Haven't heard from him in a bit.

It was a long drunk weekend. I am pretty sure my liver is happy it is over. See ya all next week.