Monday, May 13, 2013

Game 7 tonight

Where will you be tonight for game 7 Bruins/Leafs tonight?
I renewed this website for another year.

This is what I learned  this weekend:
1.Who has an open bar booze cruise for $30.00 and not advertise it as such?
2. I had no clue there were so many off the boat Irish(Turkeys) in North Quincy.
3. Looks like someone is ready for Saturdays crawl. Chrissy don't play:

4. Jeffrey may not be making the crawl this year. He has to rip his roof off of his house.
5. A huge Congrats go out to Chrissy and his lovely wife, Alison, on being pregnant. Ella will have a baby sister or is it brother? When does the pool start? (Ella is such a ham)

6. Deegan may become the 1st Atheist god father, ever.
7. Pocket text/text to talk being on while not actually texting is a kick in the balls.
8. The koozies for the pub crawl have been ordered. Lets hope they make it by Saturday.
9.Where are you Red Sox Nation?

10. I didn't know the Turkeys love tea as much as they do either.
11. Katie is addicted to Candy Crush. Like crack head addicted.
12. I really wanted to try and steal this duck:

13. I love how Riccio reads this blog religiously and then will FB or text me about things.
14. Facebook stalkers are everywhere.
15. Anyone interested in getting the baseball trips back together?
16. I'm hearing Smiddy and CVG are in the same category. They leave BMC and don't talk to anyone anymore.
17. How many people think Claude will be fired if the Bruins don't make it to the Finals? I know I do.
18. You can actually buy Lucky Charms marshmallows in bulk without the cereal.
19. Another summer and its still hard as fuck to find Miller High Life light anywhere. Its like my white whale.
20. Seems like everyone is refinancing.

Don't judge me because I am chanting "Lets go Bruins" at my desk.

Hope to see you all Saturday at the Pub crawl.

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