Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dot day is coming

Whats up bitches! Its been a while. Yes, I worked yesterday but I figured that all you fucks were out enjoying the weather so I decided to not post yesterday. Eat a dick if you don't like it.

1. Picking out a deck stain is not as easy as I thought it would be.
2. Good luck Jeffrey and Sarah, who are adding a second story to their house starting today.
3. Doesn't look like Chrissy is going to make Dot day this year, he can not get rid of his single NKOTB ticket.
4. Being towelman does that make me famous or infamous?
5. Sometimes I forget my wife is not from around here, so I was surprised she had never been to the Museum of Fine Arts. That has been rectified. I recommend seeing the Samurai exhibit.
6. Of course Jeffrey has dinner dates at Maggianos and didn't invite anyone.
7. Joe Martell has never seen Airplane. I mean what the fuck.
8. Glad to see the weather is starting to pick up for the end of this week.
9. DJ Brighto has a regular Sunday gig at Hajjars in Weymouth, 1st Sunday of the month just in time for the summer.
10. $100 to have my lawn mower tuned up and the cable replaced, not too shabby.
11. Most people are picking the Bruins to lose in 5. I got this series going 7.
12. How come more people aren't as excited about Jebs pig roast as I am?
13. Speaking of Jeb, Congrats to him and his wife on their new baby girl, Ady.
14. After the B's won against the Rangers, quickest texts ever to try and get tickets to the next round.
15. If you like BBQ, I would suggest trying Sweet Cheeks Q over by Fenway.
16. Mario is quite the Red Sox fan. He also has a man crush on the Flying Hawaiian.
17. My neighbors replaced the fence while I worked all weekend:

18. What you know about building a water feature in your back yard?
19. How ghetto is it to charge your phone at a bar?
20. I know everyone is on the Candy Crush kick but I have moved onto Tetris Blitz.

Lets go Bruins!
Lets go Bruins!

See you all at Dot day.


chrisy said...

3) doesn't look good but I'm trying

chrisy said...

6) maybe if you brought jeffrey to the Bruins game he would have invited you. I am pissed he didn't let me know though.

chrisy said...

8) took the windows out of the jeep on saturday. They won't go back in till labor day

chrisy said...

11) you got it going 7 but you don't say who wins. I got a tough Bruins win in 6

chrisy said...

12) I can't wait for jebs pig roast. Still mad I missed last years

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