Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tmx taking you into Turkey day

Week 11 is finished and Tmx survived the royal wedding and is here to report it all.

Injuries continue to make the season take wild turns as Sflabohfrw lost Gronk and Nutsaway lost Willis Mcgahee, possibly for the season and, others lost players hopefully for a week or so like MFN's new rb Mccoy. The waiver wires are active and there were many breakout guys not currently on teams so these next few weeks will be crucial as Villenz lead is down under 50 and top 5 separated by around 100 while the basement fight is just as fierce separated by under 75!! The suddenly loaded at rb White Unicorns finished second this week and nearly won the week! Thanks goes to Megatron who is now the top receiver that he was drafted to be and the Pats d came up huge while Sjax will get shanked for putting up a terrible  week as the two rbs on the bench had huge weeks.
Right plays are crucial as Unicorn lost the week with this mis-step! The third place finisher this week was Beachbums who got a huge week from Andre Johnson thanks to him but Matty Ice will get shanked for tossing 5 picks and ruining a great week!! MFN was again led by RG3 many thanks but start shanking the bye week replacement wrs who combined for 5.5pts! Slippery Wizards came in 5th and continues to shank every rb who starts this week they combined for 10pts and may wanna shank old friend Robbie Gould who only mustered one point. Brady got hot and should be thanked along with Skins D. The 6th place team was DTF who got another great week from possible steal of the draft D.Martin and the Falcons D can get thanked as well. The shanking goes to Jordy Nelson and Heath Miller!! The 7th place team this week was Jerkshots, who despite rumors were spotting this weekend and looked to be back together and making a push for the top!! Thanks to Brees as usual but often benched Greg Olsen got the start and should get shanked along with Frank Gore who didn't step up. The 8th place team was Black Dynamite who has Niners D and Andrew Luck to thank but can shank Wallace and Mendy who seem to not play with Big Ben out also Ryan Matthews continues to be a bust for BD. The 9th place team was Dillons Villenz. Palmer and  Vjax can be thanked but Fitzy, Keller and Texans D totalling under 8pts can all be shanked. Is the honeymoon over for Villenz?
The last place team this week and in the season standings was Nutsaway. Randall Cobb can be thanked but ZEROS from Maclin and playing Tynes who was on a bye can be shanked. The Tmx advice to Nutsaway is to make the moves needed. They took the advice and did that last week picking up waiver wire Felix Jones who led his rb core but now they need to stay on it and luckily byes are  over so he wont play kickers on byes anymore!!!!! This weeks winning team and still one of the hottest in the league is Sflabo. Gronk can get thanks as well as David Akers who kicked Sflabo to a Monday night win!! The rbs on Sflabo can get shanked for only putting up 11pts!! Tmx made the call to Sflabo team mvp and injured star Rob Gronkowski. Hey Gronk its Tmx whats up? "Tmx? Hey whats going on? You hear I broke my arm? Man I hope I dont get cut. I'll be back I can play with one arm and I'm still better than half the tight ends in the league!" Well Gronk I'm not sure about that, sorry to see you go down you were carrying Sflabo and this could hurt his chance at winning. " Not so fast Tmx I'll be on the sidelines to keep the party going I like our chances if these guys step up! Party on Tmx. I'm out! " Ok Gronk get better. Now on to the All Iggles.

 QB- M. Schaub            52pts        Nutsaway
RB-Stephen-howling    24pts          Jerkshots
RB-Reece                    26pts          White Unicorn
WR-B. Lafell                17.5pts       Jerkshots
WR- S.Johnson            10pts           Nutsaway
TE-  V.Davis                17pts           Jerkshots
K-     Bailey                  11pts           Nutsaway
D-    Packers                25pts            MFN

 The All Iggles were dominated by the last place team Nutsaway giving up a 50 burger by sitting Schaub vs the Jags?? Jerkshots also gave their tight end again and a wr and rb. The All Iggles contacted Tmx via his lawyers ( the only way he can legally contact Tmx) and vowed he will now lose another week and could go on the waiver wire and start a team to win each week. This may be an option for next year but lets hope this year we can give the Iggles another loss!! Tons of Thursday action this week so be ready, hit the wire and stay healthy. Happy Turkey day to all and dont forget to get your trade in before the deadline!! TMX out.


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