Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey Hey Hey

I am a little slow today so please bare with me.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Lauren Brady is back from her west coast hiatus. She is single and ready to mingle fellas.
2. Brah, how about option 3 - I take this honey upstairs brah. Fucking Ozzie!
3. You can not show goats with a goatee, they must be fully shaved:

4. Watching grown men throw away chicken because it is too hot/spicy never gets old to me.
5. As always the Marshfield fair was a huge success. Chrissy finished 3rd in his heat:

6. The Ming Dynasty is under new managment and their french fries and gravy blows. You are welcome.
7. How old is this thing:

8. I heard Julie Nickerson is back around for a week. Has anyone heard from her?
9. My brain is filled with loads of useless TV information.
10. Honestly, how do you even play this:
11. Katie is offering her baby sitting expertise to any and all.
12. You can not help anyone who does not want help.
13. I can never get used to the over night shifts.
14. Goats poop every 8 minutes. That is a lot of shit man.
15. I think Grillo and Chrissy are the new BFFs of the south shore. They will have their own reality show soon.
16. Jeffrey is on vacation this week. If you need anything he is ya man.

Have a nice week. See ya next week.


Chuck Woolery said...

Brady and Grillo. Back in 2 and 2

Riccio said...

Where is the updates?