Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer time Summer time

It looks like maybe blogger has fixed their issues and I may now be able to post pictures again.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Jackie Moon only rolls with $100 bills!
2. Mikey T is a philanthropist (real reference).
3. Why is we are rolling with gift cards up the ass in the Fenway area but we go to the ABG?
4. Red Sox Nation may be dead but I picked up these seats for $50 a piece. I ain't mad atcha!

5. Rio is looking on the North Shore for a house. Can anyone recommend a town? He is thinking Wakefield after his favorite Sox player.
6. The Seadog has some good burgers and their jalapenos are legit. Their brew ain't half bad either.
7. My neighborhood had a block party on Saturday night. I was a party pooper and didn't go because I was a cranky bitch from working all day.
8. A 2 beer an inning pace is a bit fast but the hot weather makes ya thirstier.
9. Please tell the beer vendor that he does not need to lie - NO ONE IS DRINKING HEINEKEN.
10. The Twins fans travel better than I thought they would.
11. YES, how can I not get uncle of the year - passed out baby at a bar?

12. Katie chopped off all her hair again. I guess this heat wave gets to everyone.
13. Gilly has perfect hearing except in the human voice decible range. UHM WHAT!?
14. Chrissy is looking for some jet skis or a small boat for the pond near him. Keep your eyes open for him.
15. Who whores their daughter out for Bruins tickets?
16. I found Willie, he is scheduled for hand surgery. I guess thats what he is blaming on his Dotday bowl off loss.
17. They were scalping Monster seats yesterday. I have NEVER seen/heard of that in all my years.
18. The Barking Crab isnt a bad out door drinking spot.
19. Rumor has it Smiddy had rotator surgery.
20. Mitchell almost got lost out at sea.

Thats all for this week.  Till next week!