Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darts Update (The Things I See edition)

I was planning to take the night off because I had an eye exam and I could barely see, but that all changed with a phone call from Captain P. He told me we were short staffed and being the team player that I am I put the team’s best interest in front of my well being and showed up. Thanks also to Shawn Larry who changed his plans and made the show. I remember not too long ago hearing people bitching about having too many players on the team. How is it that we now struggle to field a full squad? So let me see if I can properly describe what I saw during this eventful night.

UMASS was fighting for a spot in the Final Four in the NIT against Drexel and my old friend Coach Bruiser Flint. It was ugly early and stayed that way for most of the game. They fought hard and played great D down the stretch. (Speaking of D, he will be contributing double in the drinking money pool next week for selecting to work O/T over darts) With about 7:30 to go UMASS took their first lead of the game and it was a grind the rest of the way. The final score was 72-70 and they will take on the winner of the Stanford/Nevada game in the semifinals. A special thank you goes out to Dr. J’s assistant for already taking care of my travel plans to NYC. I look forward to having dinner with him and Jack Welch next week and yes, we will be playing credit card roulette for the tabs.

When we finally got the matches started I saw some real good darts. As we are now passing the halfway point of the season, things are looking up for the DTFers. We began the week in 3rd place facing the #1 team in our division. It is not surprising why they are in first place after watching the “Super A” shooter on their team. It is sad to say but sandbaggers still exist in the MMDL. Anyway, on to the match recap.

501: We lost 2-1
Me & Shawn took way to long to get in against the Super A guy and lost badly.

Supa P & Brighto followed suit taking their time but rallied it up to make it a match. Just when it was looking grim the DJ hit the winning dart.

Mark & Jeb continued the trend of struggling to get on and spotted a 300 point lead. They got it under 100 but it was too little, too late.

Cricket: We lost 2-1
Shawn & T-Bright had to wait out a 10 minute scoreboard malfunction and gutted it out in a close one from start to finish. Unfortunately they lost to a double cork.

Supa P & Mark played well early against the Super A guy. They hung in there until the end but lost on the corks.

Jeb & I were scheduled to play next. The other team was kind enough to honor my request to skip down to the singles matches so I could catch the rest of the game. After the huge UMASS win we played our match. I promised Jeb there was no chance we were going to lose and we won big.

301: Won 4, Lost 2
I was still on a UMASS high and I swept my opponent in 2 games.

The next few matches were played during the end of the UMASS game and/or while I was busy celebrating so I had to get updates from other people.

SL cruised to a big upset victory in 2 games against the Super A guy and was quickly given the nickname the Rally Monkey!

P played a tough 3 game set and all 3 were neck and neck. Even with all of the distractions he found a way to grab the win.

Jeb played in the patented V neck sweater and fell a bit short in his match. Robert Montgomery Knight was very disappointed in the match and the sweater.

Bright wasted no time getting in game 1 and took it down. Game 2 was over in the blink of an eye with another victory.

Mark played a great match but lost in the end.

Total score for the night was a 6-6 Tie

Oh and I almost forgot the strangest thing I saw all night. Just when we ready to start throwing, the famous Chrissy popped his head into the bar. I thought he was going to give the team a quick pep talk and settle down with some wings but he was gone within seconds. I’ve heard of media whores, but a blog whore is a new one to me! Given the fact that I gave Sass the FOTW for his 3 min appearance a few weeks ago, I feel compelled to give it to Chrissy this week. I’ll have to rely on the creative people in the Comments section to weigh in on that decision.

Next week we may play a special Monday night game. The place we are supposed to play had some issues with the licensing board so they may not be open on Tuesday. I’m sure Derek will provide an update in his “things I learned post” on Monday.

‘Til next time Bitches,



my lips are sealed said...

I heard someone was getting a hand job in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Did you even graduate from UMass

3 minuteman said...

This a dart review or umass blog? Its the NIT no one cares. Pretty sure that chick from Baylor beats umass by 15

Anonymous said...

HANDJOBS? Who's giving those in 2012?

chrissy said...

Move of the Year saying hi & leaving! And I don't know whose giving out handjobs in 2012, but I'd love to know since I LOVE them!!