Monday, January 2, 2012

Lets start the Year off right

I hope that everyone had a nice safe New Years Eve. I am not really one to make any resolutions so I am not about to start now. Just so you know, I did not win any cash in $10 million lottery raffle.

Lets see what I learned from last week of last year to the first week of this year:
1. Apparently Margaritas does not have authentic Mexicans making authentic Mexican food.
2. Chrissy thinks Shaun Larry has the gay because he ran away from a cougar faster than you can say "Booyah".
3. Who knew the Cathay Center is where all the karaoke songs are fairly recent. Who the fuck sings Adele?
4. Home made steak and cheese is way better.
5. Pretty bummed out that fantasy football is over.
6. Seems like no matter what time I go to bed, 9:30, 10:30, or 2:00 I never feel totally rested.
7. The make chocolate animal crackers.
8. I know I have probably said this before but why does everyone continue to name their child, Aiden? I mean there are going to be classrooms full of children named Aiden.
9. Ronin is a tad bit bigger than some dogs:

10. There is not a day that goes by that I don't get asked How Smiddy is doing. If you see Williams J. Smiddy let him know people think he moved. They can't believe he severed all ties with his "friends".
11. CVG loves Dannys FB and Twitter posts.
12. Yes this is Jack Edwards dog, Stanley Pup with the Stanley Cup:
13. If you eat lots of iron in your diet it gives you healthy finger nails.
14. Wendys over took BK as the #2 fast food burger joint. How come everyone you talk to never has Mcdonalds as their #1 place? Kinda weird right?
15. I can't quite figure out why comcast allows you to change your TV through your computer. I mean that's what the remote is for.
16. I'm sick of all the yahoo articles of people raising 16 kids on 35,000 a year. Its bullshit. Straight bullshit!

I wish you all a healthy and fun 2012.

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