Monday, January 30, 2012


With the Super Bowl less than a week away I am starting to get that Christmassy feeling. Obviously the good Lord is a Boston sports fan - this Sunday the Celtics are on  at 12 noon, the Bruins are on at 12:30 and then the Patriots play at 6:30. That's an early day for boozing. I couldn't imagine being an east coast transplant on the west coast watching games at 9am and drinking bloody Marys.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The average person eats 8.5 pounds of pickles a year.
2. People are not buying squares like they used to.
3. Rio is very particular about who works out near him.
4. The dart team is getting back together but no longer out of Peggy O'niels but rather out of South Side Tavern.
5. Speaking of Peggy's, Chrissys favorite bartender Leslie was fired for a no call no show. Sad day!
6. The first canned beer went on sale on January 23rd, 1935.
7. Anyone looking for a Saturday baby sitting gig? 8 am till 8 pm watching the Chiefdudes 2 children. Good cash paid!
8.  I am losing Twitter followers like a sonofabitch!
9. Katie wants to try and foster this dog until it can get a permanent home
10. I would love for the NBA to adopt the draft style All star game.
11. Waking up with a stiff neck sucks. I mean, am I 34 or 66?
12. Who the fuck likes Drake?
13.  Apparently my word with friends addiction is bad. I have people talking about how many games I play at a time and how come I don't play word back in a reasonable manner. UHM hello I am rocking 20 games!
14. Fucking kicked me off twice Saturday after I waited in line for over 3 hours.

Hope to see you all up at the View for the Annual Super Bowl party:

The View Restaurant and Tavern

at Presidents Golf Course

357 West Squantum Street, Quincy MA 02171



Me again said...

Ps. We were lucky this year. I think the Pats only had 2 or 3 - 10a.m. games for us West Coast peeps. The rest were at 1pm. I can watch football all day and still watch Showtime on the East Coast feed too:) Thanks DirectTV.

Riccio said...

14) I got myself 4 tickets to marathon monday Red Sox game. I opted for standing room tickets because they are cheap and less of a hassle to get $9.00 beers. After the game I like to donate my time handing out warm beer piss in cups to the marathon runners on the home stretch.

chrissy said...

4) i am loving this new home bar for darts. i will have to show up for more matches this year so i can eat those hott wings!

chrissy said...

9) it starts with one foster dog, next thing you know, you are running a kennel at poplar rd!

chrissy said...

14) i didnt get any pre sale tix once again. hopefully i can make it to a game or two like i always do.

d said...

Well We can all meet up for Marathon Monday at the baseball Tavern

chrissy said...

I got plenty of sick time since we got no snow this year. U get an xtra ticket, I'm in!!

d said...

Rio bought 4 think he is looking to sell 2

chrissy said...

I'm a big guy but I don't need two seats yet!