Friday, July 15, 2011

... of the week

All of a sudden people stopped texting me good, solid, funny shit and only sent me things that said - "This should be text of the week", "why didn't I get text of the week", "why was that text of the week", "...I texted so and so and it was so great I cant believe they didn't forward it to you for text of the week", and finally " you only get text of the week if you include a photo of Derek" . I have decided to ADD Tweet of the week. I know that this blog goes through spurts where it lags and I am always trying to update it with fun entertaining shit. I think this can be a great addition.

Now, I know I am still getting used to this Twitter thing. I don't know who to follow(the people who you think would be good; aren't. The ones who should suck dinky: are bomb. And some of the most randoms have the best shit to say), why everyone is dying for a RT, what to hash tag or how to start trending randomness but damn it I am gonna get to the bottom of it all.  It will be a learning process for me as well as you. Since I only tweet from my phone, I am going to put the tweet up in text form - @said person of interest.

If you are on twitter maybe you can start following them or maybe it will make you want to join twitter. Either way, I saw this Tweet today and it gave me the whole idea for Tweet of the week because I literally laughed out loud. I mean we have all been David Hasselhoff drunk on a bathroom floor drunk with a cheese burger slurring our words, RIGHT? I mean this week alone - 3 times!!

"@blakeshelton: On a scale of drunk I'm ringing in a solid "Cheese Burger" on the David Hasselhoff scale...."

If you have any ideas on how to make the blog better send me an email, text or a tweet.

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